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Atlas Obscura -- "How a Location Scout Spends 3 Days Touring L.A."

"Nick Carr shares his favorite Hollywood backdrops for Three Obscure Days in Los Angeles."


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CBS Sunday Morning -- The Life Of A Movie Location Scout

"Anthony Mason looks at the fascinating, yet often invisible world of movie location scouting."



 The NY Times -- Ask A Film Location Scout

"This week, Nick Carr, who runs the Web site, will be responding to readers’ questions about how the scouting process works, weird and unusual places he’s been, what it takes to be a good scout, the clichéd locations he’s always asked to find, why he thinks it’s O.K. that movies come into your neighborhood and burden you with their presence, and other things."



The Guardian -- Confessions of a Location Scout

"There is surely no other city we know as completely from cinema and TV as New York. Yet according to film location scout Nick Carr, what he is often asked to find is anything but the reality of the Big Apple..."


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BBC News -- A Location Scout's Guide To The NY Movie Scene

"Not all Hollywood films are based in or around tourist destinations. When a director wants to see a different side of New York he sends out a scout to find the perfect location. Nick Carr is one of them. He gave the BBC a tour of his favourite sites. Some you might recognise, others could be coming to a screen soon."



The Wall Street Journal -- Lower Manhattan's Mysterious Warplane

"For years, Shawn Hakimian has wondered why a World War I fighter plane sits on the roof of 77 Water Street..."

July 20, 2011


NPR -- The Leonard Lopate Show

"A film location scout looks at scenes from classic movies to show how New York City has changed over the years. "




NPR -- All Things Considered

"A hidden world inside New York's great post office..."



The Atlantic -- 'New York is Not a City of Alleys': A Film Location Scout's Pet Peeves

"Location Scout Nick Carr took the time to chat about his work and how it’s changed the way he looks at the city – on film and on the street."


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Popular Photography -- I, Photographer: Location Scout

"Freelancer Nick Carr scours the streets of New York City for locations for movie producers..."



Gizmodo -- Ask a New York City Movie Location Scout Anything You Want

"Did you know there's an abandoned swimming pool in the basement of the Woolworth Building? Did you know there's an abandoned Cold War-era missile silo buried under a log cabin in the Adirondacks? Do you have any idea what happened with the filming location of Ghostbusters or Annie Hall? Nope! But Nick Carr, the location sleuth behind Scouting NY does."



The NY Post -- Hidden Gems of a Lost City

For four years, NICK CARR has been a film location scout in New York City, finding the perfect dark alleys, rooftop getaways and neighborhood bars for Hollywood. 


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The Wall Street Journal -- In Soho, a Historied Haunt

"The long-sealed well below the Manhattan Bistro has a connection to one of New York City’s most infamous murders..."



The Wall Street Journal -- New York's Unlikeliest Movie Star: The Alley

"The Franklin Place alley in Tribeca has been a Hollywood favorite for years, but a new condo project has put the location out of action indefinitely..."