For nearly 15 years, Nick Carr has worked as a professional location scout, uncovering unique and iconic filming locations for such directors as Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Tony Scott, Nicolas Winding Refn, and David Chase. After a decade of scouting in New York City, Carr now works in Los Angeles, where he continues to search for one of a kind locations for film, television, commercials, still shoots, and events. A select list of those productions can be viewed on his IMDB page.

In 2009, Carr began Scouting NY, a website documenting the incredible hidden treasures and architectural gems he came across in his travels as a scout. Scouting NY quickly grew to become one of the most widely read cultural sites on New York City, with a passionate readership in the tens of thousands and weekly posts regularly going viral. 

Carr's work as a scout has been featured in The NY Times, The Wall Street Journal, CBS Sunday Morning, BBC News, Timeout NY, The Guardian, The NY Post, and Popular Photography, among many others.

Carr is a proud member of Teamsters Local 399 Hollywood.